Tamil Nadu: Actor and DMDK chief Vijayakanth passed away was corona positive

Vijayakanth Death: As far as actor and politician and DMDK chief Vijayakanth who has now passed away at Chennai Hospital, he was 71 years old and was said to be on a ventilatory support after testing positive for COVID -19.

Vijayakanth Death
Captain Vijayakanth Death

Tamil Nadu News: And last was a statement that was issued by his party right after he had tested positive for COVID. And his party had said that he was on a ventilator, supported a private hospital in Chennai and he was facing difficulty in breathing as far as Vijayakanth who was undergoing treatment for respiratory illness at the hospital.

Absolutely and the private hospital where he was admitted of course is put out medical bulletin just a little while earlier. They said that he was on ventilatory support following his admission for pneumonia.
And the statement also reads that despite their best efforts by the medical staff, he passed away in the morning of 28th December.

As a passionate political leader and an icon in the Tamil film industry, Prime Minister Narendra Modi expresses his condolences for the passing of the DMDK leader and actor Captain Vijayakanth from Tamil Nadu.

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Who is Vijayakanth ?

Now, he of course is a very popular face in Tamil Nadu having acted in over 150 movies.
He of course made his way into politics. Of course, the founder of the DMD Cape, he’s been an MLA twice in Tamil Nadu from Viruza Chalam and also Rishi Vanderham. And of course, he also became the leader of the opposition as well in Tamil Nadu.
This was between the year 2011 and 16. So, of course, he’s seen his share of success in both the film industry and in politics. Somebody who’s of course looked up to in both the circles and like I mentioned in the film industry and the political process, definitely a big loss for Tamil Nadu politics and the Tamil Nadu film industry as well.
Right. So, he founded the DMDK Cape and served as the member of legislators of assembly twice representing also the constituencies as far as Vijayakanth journey in the public eye which has been marked by his success.
His career in film industry where he’s acted in over 150 movies as, but last statement came from his party was that he was healthy but had reported to be COVID positive and thereafter was facing issues when it comes to difficulty in breathing.
Well, you know he has of course been on and off to the hospitals through various medical conditions over the last few years. His statements of course in terms of him making openly statements have reduced considerably in the last few years because of his medical condition.
In November he was admitted to the hospital. He was getting treated for breathing issues and various other ailments after which he was really discharged from the hospital. But once again he went back because he was complaining of breathing problems.
Vijayakanth Death: And of course, his party had mentioned that he was suffering from COVID as well. But now, of course, with the latest medical bulletin that’s coming, and its unfortunate news for the people of Tamil Nadu. So, actor and DMDK chief Captain Vijayakanth, unfortunately, has passed away at a private hospital in Chennai. He was 71 years old.

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