Shahrukh Khan Dunki Struggles Against Salaar’s Box Office Collection

Shahrukh Khan‘s Dunki is struggling at the box office. Shahrukh Khan‘s track record this year has been impressive. Jawan and Pathan not only opened with record numbers but both films opened at all time. Proved to be a blockbuster. Therefore, there were expectations from Dunki also because this was the first time that Shahrukh and Rajkumar Hirani Were working together.

Dunki vs Salaar
Saalar vs Dunki

But the film did not make anything special in the market. The promotional material of the film played a role in this. Still there were hopes.

According to analytics film will open between 30 to 40 crores rupees.

Dunki Box Office Collection Day 1

But Dunki earned only 29.20 crore rupees on the first day. The opening day Dunki Worldwide Collection film earn 58 crores rupees. The blame for the earnings of this film fell on the donor of the film. It was said that this is a drama film. It will take time to settle on the ticket.

A lot will also depend on how much the public likes the film. How about word of mouth but from the second day’s earnings. There is a feeling that people are not liking anything special.

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Dunki Box Office Collection Day 2

Dunki dropped by almost thirty percent on the second day of release and dropped to 20 crores. Earned 50 crores Due to which the total earning of the film in two days has reached 49.70 crores.

Whereas only Shahrukh Khan’s last two films had earned more money than this on the first day. Pathan had earned 57 crores rupees from the country on the first day. Jawan’s opening day collection was 75 crore rupees. The main reason for the decline in Dunki collection on the second day is the release of Salaar.

Dunki Box Office Collection Day 3

Dunki Box Office Collection Day 3 is 26 crores. Dunki Worldwide Box office collection day 3: Shah Rukh Khan film crosses β‚Ή157 crore mark

Shahrukh and team thought that Salaar was releasing on December 22, so their film was released a day before. Let’s release it. So that the public watches the film and starts talking about it. By word of mouth, they will take on Salaar the next day. But the word of mouth of the film was not as the makers had thought. However, on the third day i.e. Saturday, Dunki collection were fine. There may be a surge.

There is a possibility that the film will earn more on the third day than on the first day. But that jump will not be enough to compensate for the earnings of the last two days. With this, Shahrukh Khan’s dream of doing his third 500 crores film in 2023 is shattered. However, there is a silver lining in this earning of Dunky film also.

Day 1 Salaar Box Office Collection

Prabhas Salaar has achieved record opening in the country and across the world. But it could not cross the collection of Dunky in the Hindi version. Dunki movie has been released in Hindi language.
From that the film earned 29.20 crores rupees on the first day.

Whereas the Hindi version of Salaar earned only 15.7 crores rupees on the first day collected.

Salaar made the record of Jawan’s highest earning on the first day in India. The jawan was opened at 75 crores. Salaar Box Office Collection Prabhas’s film collected 93.5 crore rupees from across the country.

The opening date of the Salaar worldwide collection.

178.70 crore rupees which is the highest of 2023.

Salaar opening: Overall the third highest global opening in Indian cinema history.

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Salaar worldwide box office collection day 2: Prabhas film crosses Rs 295.7 crore mark

Salaar” collected Rs. 55 crores on its second day at the box office following a strong opening weekend. Now, the total is reduced to Rs 145.70 crore.

Well, Dunki has been directed by Rajkumar Hirani. Taapsee Pannu with Shahrukh Khan in this film, Vicky Kaushal, Boman Irani, Actors like Vikram Kochhar and Anil Grover have worked.

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