Before India’s ODI Cricket World Cup Opening Match, Rahul Dravid made a blunt statement, “It’s The Captain’s Team.”

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Rahul Dravid wants to withdraw to the background after preparing his team for the biggest stage of their careers and let Rohit Sharma’s group write their own inspiring Cricket World Cup tale.

In his capacity as the coach of the Indian cricket team, Rahul Dravid made a contribution. He wants to leave the stage and allow Rohit Sharma’s squad to write their own lovely tale after preparing his players for the largest venue of their careers. “In truthfulness, once the game starts, the captain’s team. During his Friday media appearance, Dravid stated that it was up to the squad to move on, carry it out, and complete the task.
“As a coach, I consider my task as attempting to assemble the group we ultimately had in the time leading up to the games and in the period time up to this World Cup. putting together the team, the squad, and then hope to have fun, let the players play and express themselves, added Dravid, who is renowned for his discipline with his feelings.

Dhoni’s moto is “control the controllables,” but Dravid is the one who embraces it the most.

“Yeah… Once the game begins and the players have crossed the finish line, you, as the coach, must recognize that there is only so much you can do. As coaches, we don’t get a single run or wicket in the competition. All we can do is give the players our full support.

Coaches must be honest in their evaluations, something Dravid always remembers.
To be really honest with you, a lot of our work is done in the days before these games. He explained, “It’s in the practice sessions, ideally the sort of mental frame we get the individuals in, and supporting the captain and the squad in any way we can leading up to.

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When asked what a safe total in the competition may be, Dravid responded playfully.

“I think we’ll be extremely safe if we have only one more than the opposition [laughter]. Look, in any circumstance, it’s difficult to forecast and hard to tell. And it will be this World Cup’s beauty, he remarked.

In essence, Dravid was making a suggestion about the range of settings and fields used for this event.
“These matches will be played in so many locations. There are so many different types of wickets there. Certain squares…Even in India, there are many types of soil: red, black, and a blend of the two.

“Each one will be distinctive. That’s not going to be a safe total, and I don’t believe you can go and say that either,” he continued.
Dravid said, “We’ll likely play on a slightly bigger ground here in Chennai compared to say, when we travel to Bangalore or when we go to Delhi, to support his reasoning. Each setting will be unique, so we’ll just have to evaluate and determine how chance plays a role.”
So, did he witness Rachin Ravindra’s explosive century on Thursday against England? Indeed, fragments of it. Both Ravindra and Devon Conway, in my opinion, performed quite well. They obviously gave New Zealand a great start in the competition, and it appeared that the pitch grew better and better as the game progressed.

The World Cup of 2007 seems dated.

His best moment of the 2007 World Cup, according to Dravid, was in a previous existence. It’s been a while since I played. To be quite honest with you, there was a time when I nearly forgot that I was a cricket player. The smile was a little bit self-deprecating.
“I’ve gone past that. I no longer consider myself to be a player. Perhaps that reflects a difference in mental space. My main goal is to support the team in doing their best work.

“I mean, In the end, the support team is in responsibility for that, and the coach’s role is to support and aid the captain in carrying out his strategy. And help him carry it out over the course of the next couple of months, and I hope we can do that very successfully.

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