Samsung Galaxy S23 FE 5G: Full Specification, Reviews, Price

Samsung galaxy s23 fe 5g

Finally, Samsung’s new Fan Edition model is out. Samsung decided opposed to producing the S22 FE variant, yet it’s unclear why they did so. It is very unexpected, as the Galaxy S21 FE gained a lot of recognition for providing some premium features at a reasonable cost. The Samsung Galaxy S23 FE aims to draw even more attention while maintaining the same formula for success as its predecessor. Nonetheless, the recently revealed pricing of the upgraded Samsung Galaxy S23 FE variant has many questioning if this 5G phone will be worth the cost. Let’s examine in-depth to find out.

Review of the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE: design and build

The flagship Samsung Galaxy S23 series, which was unveiled earlier this year, is largely replicated in the design of the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE. Samsung has been introducing phones with identical designs at different pricing ranges as part of an effort. This strategy looks to take inspiration from Apple’s playbook in an attempt to make Samsung phones simpler to identify in an array of other phones on the market, all the while providing a high-end design similar to what flagship smartphones usually have.
It also has an improved look because it has three cameras on the rear panel rather than a separate housing as you generally find on phones these days. The smooth glass back of the phone feels good in the hand, but because of the somewhat noticeable camera bump that might scratch surfaces when the phone is left on a flat surface, I was afraid to use it without a case. Although Samsung does not provide a case in the retail packaging, having one would probably improve the user experience. However, bear in mind that adding a cover to the rear panel makes the already rather heavy smartphone feel even heavier.
The design of the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE is boxy. One-handed use won’t be too problematic for those used to it, but a little thinner profile and curved edges would have made the phone easier to hold. The phone is slippery due to its shiny rear panel, so I had to be careful where I kept it or else it would just fall out.

The phone is available from Samsung in soft colors with gorgeous silver metal frames. The phone has a decent build quality, and unlike some other phones on the market, Samsung’s branding is tastefully included into the rear of the device, which I find appealing. It preserves the phone’s design. One additional benefit of the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE is that it is water-resistant, with an IP68 labeling, so there’s no need to worry about damage during the rainy season. Overall, the design is nice.

galaxy s23 fe 5g

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Review of the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE: Display

In 2023, a lot of phones come with high-quality screens at a reasonable price. In this aspect, the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE is not any different. The 6.4-inch AMOLED FHD+ display is sufficiently large and supports a refresh rate of 120 Hz. This time, the gadget supports adaptive refresh rates, which allows it to automatically change between 60Hz and 120Hz depending on the content. The fast refresh rate provided a fluid scrolling experience on social networking applications and the user interface (UI), but it doesn’t seem to conserve battery life.

When viewing the same information on, say, a MacBook Air M1, the colors appear less saturated because Samsung phone displays have slightly enhanced colors with warm tones to make the content look visually pleasant. However, the screen can provide sharp blacks and vivid colors. Support for HDR 10+ has been added by Samsung to provide an excellent visual experience. In summary, the screen is rather appealing to watch material on, and because it supports 1,450 nits of peak brightness, it is also fairly visible in bright sunshine.
The bezels around the display on the S23 FE are significantly thicker than those on the more costly Galaxy S23. This is quite apparent and uncommon in today’s world. The capability of Samsung phones, such as the S23 FE, to lower screen brightness to almost nil levels is a significant feature that I value. This feature lets users change the brightness of the display, which makes it comfortable to use at night and lessens eye strain.

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Review of the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE: Performance

The Exynos 2200 chipset, which Samsung developed internally, powers the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE. It is a powerful processor but not the quickest on the market. When launching apps, navigating the user interface, utilizing social networking apps, or moving between apps, the performance is fluid. The shutter speed is also rapid, and the camera app produces the results instantaneously. In general, the Galaxy S23 FE performs well enough for the majority of smartphone operations.

To test the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE capabilities, I played the most graphically complex game, Genshin Impact, with the settings set extremely high. Even though it had trouble being responsive at high graphics settings, I discovered that lowering the settings to low at 30 frames per second produced a smoother experience with little to no latency or stutters. Casual games, such as Subway Surfers, functioned perfectly and ran smoothly. When I played Genshin Impact, though, I did notice that the device’s rear panel heated up a little. According to the Antutu benchmarking program, the phone’s temperature increased from 32 to 46 degrees. The striking thing, though, is that the phone cools off quickly thanks to the bigger and innovative vapour cooling system.

I even attempted to edit a few of 8K 24 frames per second video that I had taken with this phone, and it functioned flawlessly. Most of the editing process went smoothly. When the app was exporting the video, the speed was sufficient. In summary, the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE is capable of doing all tasks unless they exceed its limits. Also, I should point out that this gadget has two speakers. The quality is decent for a phone in this price range, and the stereo sound adds to the enjoyment of the experience.

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Review of the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE: quick charging, battery

The smartphone has a 4,500mAh battery that provides 9 to 10 hours of use on average. This is true for regular usage, which includes making calls, sending texts, browsing social media applications, and viewing a few quick YouTube videos. The battery drains more quickly as you play more games on it. This is acceptable and shouldn’t create too much trouble for users because demanding games like Genshin Impact need a lot of processing power and have extremely detailed visuals, which puts a lot of strain on the phone’s ability to provide the desired results. Therefore, the battery level decreases fast. For recharging the battery, Samsung has provided support for 25W rapid charging. To top off the battery, though, I utilized old fast chargers as there isn’t one included in the retail package. To obtain quicker charging times, yet I advise consumers to use a Samsung charger. Power sharing and wireless charging are also supported.

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Review of the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE’s camera: performance

The Samsung Galaxy S23 FE’s camera quality is one of its main selling features. The camera produces visually appealing images during the day. As you can see, photos taken with the 50-megapixel camera have vivid colors, strong contrast, and what appears to be proper white balance. In certain settings, the dynamic range doesn’t seem to be very great, but the final product still has a visually appealing appearance. Our detailed photos don’t appear fake since they are created with appropriate sharpness levels. Suddenly, the ultra-wide angle photo produced results that were almost identical. Naturally, though, certain elements that are discernible upon careful examination of the photos are lost. Without emphasizing any one of them, the sky and foreground are effectively recorded, and the color balance is preserved.In addition, I took a few portrait pictures. It detects edges fairly effectively. Everywhere, including around hair strands, the background blur is applied correctly. The guy doesn’t appear to have been added to a scene using photoshop. After snapping the photographs, the blur effect may also be adjusted. The shirt’s colors and textures, the skin tone overall, and the little features on the face are all expertly and in great detail represented. When needed, the sharpness is precisely where it must be.

For More Details:

Even better, Samsung has included an 8-megapixel telephoto camera with a 3x magnification, something we rarely see on phones costing less than Rs 50,000. The images on the laptop have a lot of detail, and when the images are fully zoomed in, many minute details in various places of the frame are very clearly apparent. There is no noise and good color production. To put it another way, the output should be more detailed and comparable to that of the primary camera.

The flagship S23 Plus takes better low light photos, but the night mode produces sharper, more colorful photographs. The crucial details have been preserved by the camera. All things considered; the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE offers an excellent photographic experience.

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Review of the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE: Is it worth the money?

For a number of reasons, the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE is a good phone. The telephoto lens is a nice bonus, and the camera itself is excellent. Additionally, you receive a stylish AMOLED screen with eye-catching colors and aesthetically pleasant content. It is a wonderful purchase because of its quality design and IP68 water-resistant protection. Both the overall performance and the battery life are respectable. Nevertheless, a charger is not included in the retail packaging, so either one will need to pay more for this or use an existing one.

With Flipkart’s Rs 11,000 cashback offer, customers can get the latest Samsung phone for Rs 48,999 instead of the asking price of Rs 59,999. You could think about purchasing it if you have the money available, keeping your criteria in mind.

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