World Cup 2023: India vs Australia Highlights, Virat Kohli and KL Rahul both played outstanding innings as India beat Australia by 6 wickets.

In India World cup 2023 found a lot of its core strength at the MA Chidambaram Stadium in the World Cup’s opening match, but it will need to maintain it during the tournament. After scoring two points from an unstable position, they may now breathe deeply, and go return to the pit.

world cup 2023

World cup 2023

Main Highlight of World Cup 2023 Opening Match –

Virat Kohli and KL Rahul both played outstanding innings as India beat Australia by 6 wickets. While Kohli struck 85 runs to get India out of difficulty, Rahul remained undefeated on 97. These two made a fantastic comeback after India was reduced to 2 for 3. Ravindra Jadeja excelled earlier in the day when Australia was bowled out for 199.

World cup 2023

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KL Rahul, India’s No. 5, was pulled back into the action after only twelve balls. Alongside him, a replacement fielder dashed in holding a bottle of electrolyte water for Virat Kohli, the other batsman who was waiting in the center. Before tapping gloves with his partner and starting his own pre-batting rituals, Rahul treated himself to a drink as well. For 6.45 PM, he had other plans. One of them was a cool show after 49.3 overs of “keeping.” He had anticipated there would be some downtime after that. But there he was again, ready to deal with the chaos in the kitchen.

Rahul’s 97 undefeated was a wonderful display of discipline and skill, with a twisting conclusion including a four-run try that ended up being a six. In a 165-run stand, he served as Kohli’s partner and psychologist, speaking with him on close calls and getting a response in return. His accurate punches of the ball matched Kohli’s arcs down the field exactly in starting match of world cup 2023.
Ishan Kishan and Shreyas Iyer attempted an attack and a counterattack, respectively, and it was the same for them. There was fair concern that, as it had done in the match between these two sides here in March, the softer ball could prove to be more difficult to score against later in the innings against Adam Zampa and company. For the first time in their ODI history, three of their top four batsmen were bowled without contributing, left India at 2 for 3.

Rahul has 97. Not-out was a magnificent display of control with a convoluted conclusion featuring a four that was tried but ended up being a six. In a 165-run stand, he served as Kohli’s psychologist and partner, talking to Kohli at tight calls and getting a response in return. His exact punches of the ball matched Kohli’s sweep motions down the ground perfectly.


It was a hot night in Chennai to start off India’s World Cup campaign—the type of heat that can only be felt, not described. Everywhere you look, you can see sweat streaming from your forehead, brows, and knee caps. All of this while you are still in place. On a Sunday afternoon, support staff workers offered to dry the fielders in starting of world cup match’ shirts as they moved around the area with towels. It was hot and sticky, the type of weather that makes decisions and thinking hard. It was a fertile ground for latent risk when you added a tough two-paced track and bowlers like Josh Hazlewood and Mitchell Starc to this vessel of suffering in India vs Australia live match.

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