World Cup semifinals math: Which one is in, who’s out?

With 31 matches played thus far, the ICC Men’s ODI World Cup is nearing its last leg and has set up a thrilling sprint to the semifinals. Nine teams are at present competing for one of the four semifinal spots in the renowned game, with Bangladesh having been eliminated from the competition following their Tuesday loss to Pakistan.

semifinal world cup

As of match number 31, no side is guaranteed a spot in the points table after six games played by each, making the placement even more exciting. With 12 points and an unblemished record thus far in the competition, the hosts, India, are now atop the standings.

South Africa, meanwhile, has won 10 points in six games and has an impressive Net Run Rate (NRR) of +2.032. With 8 points and a little gap in the NRR, New Zealand and Australia are ranked third and fourth, respectively.
Even said, with three league games left for every countries (excluding Pakistan and Bangladesh), there are still a lot of genuine and substantial chances for teams like Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, and the Netherlands to guarantee a semifinal spot.

Teams’ semifinal qualifying scenario

India Qualify in semifinal in Cricket World Cup 2023

Top-four finalists and the hosts are only one victory—or point—away from securing a spot in the top four. Even if one of their final three games is a draw, a victory, or no result at all, Team India will advance to the tournament’s knockout round.
India’s only chance to get to the semifinals is if they lose their last matches against Afghanistan and the tournament is decidedly unimpressive.

Team India’s last league matches are against Sri Lanka on November 2, South Africa on November 5, and the Netherlands on November 12.

The Men in Blue have currently won six straight games.

Points Table

ICC Cricket World Cup 2023

South Africa is also in near the semifinal of world cup 2023

With their massive totals, the Proteas squad has been dominating this competition and has defeated several other teams. To ensure a position in the semifinals, the team must also score three points overall.

The final three matches for South Africa are on November 10 against Afghanistan, November 5 against India, and November 1 against New Zealand. Even if the Temba Bavuma-led team loses two games by close margins, a win would keep them in a strong position to move on to the semifinals.

Only one of South Africa’s losses has come from an upset against the Netherlands.

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Afghanistan semifinal qualifying scenario in ICC Men’s World Cup

Afghanistan is a team to be aware of in the present scenario. If they win all three of their remaining games, they have a real opportunity to secure a spot in the semifinals with six points still up for grabs.

Although a significant victory over their Asian competitors, Sri Lanka, further increased their hopes, the Dutch and Australian games will determine the team’s destiny as well as the tournament’s top four.

Playing Australia on November 7, South Africa on November 10, and the Netherlands on November 3 is the team led by Hashmat Shahidi.

New Zealand semifinal qualifying scenario in ICC World Cup 2023

Despite having a fantastic start to the competition, the Kiwis have lost their past two games. They must, however, win two games in order to advance to the knockout round; otherwise, they would be in a “touch and go” situation after losing one or two games by a large margin.

The next games for the New Zealand squad are against South Africa on November 1, Pakistan on November 4, and Sri Lanka on November 9. Every one of these clubs is anticipated to advance to the semifinals.

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Australia semifinal qualifying scenario in World Cup

Australia’s four victories in this tournament, all of which came after two painful losses, have put them in a better position to go to the semifinals.

They must win two of the final three games against Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and England in order to advance, just like their siblings’ opponents, the Blap Caps.

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Sri Lanka semifinal qualifying scenario in Cricket World Cup 2023

Sri Lanka must win all of its remaining games, including the match against the strong hosts, who have had a tremendous season thus far, in order to get to the final four.

Following their defeat against the Afghans, they have a small but realistic chance of making it to the knockout rounds.

On November 2, the squad will play India; on November 6, Bangladesh; and on November 9, New Zealand.

Pakistan Still any chance to go in ICC Cricket World Cup 2023

Pakistan is still in the running to make it to the semifinals after suffering four straight losses in this match till defeating Bangladesh 7 wickets to 0.

The Babar Azam-led team would have to hope for favorable outcomes from other clubs in addition to playing their hardest in the two remaining league games.
They take against New Zealand on November 4 and the defending champions, England, on November 11.

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Netherlands semifinal qualifying scenario in men’s World Cup

The Dutch have made a place for themselves on the points table and in the hearts of all cricket fans worldwide with their two fantastic victories against South Africa and Bangladesh at the World Cup.

But they need to defeat Australia, New Zealand, and India if they want to get to the semifinals.

England semifinal qualifying scenario in World Cup 2023

With just three games left, England, the defending champions, may rescue a dreadful tournament with a magically improved NRR.
With a 1: 5 win-loss record, they are now bottom of the table and have little chance to qualify for it.

Australia, the Netherlands, and Pakistan are their next opposing teams. If they were to win all three games, they would at the very least move up in the standings and maintain their dreams of Qualifying the champions trophy.

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